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Brigham Young University

Behavioral Medicine Research Center

Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Brigham Young University
1024 SWKT
Provo, Utah 84602


  • BS, Brigham Young University 1994
  • MS, Brigham Young University 1998
  • PhD, University of Utah 2001

Selected Publications

  • Some Relationships Can Make You Sick

  • Holt-Lunstad, J., Uchino, B. N., Smith, T. W., Cerny, C.B., & Nealey-Moore, J. B. (2003). Social relationships and ambulatory blood pressure: Structural and qualitative predictors of cardiovascular function during everyday social interactions. Health Psychology 22, 388-397.

  • Holt-Lunstad, J., Clayton, C. J., & Uchino, B.N. (2001). Gender differences in cardiovascular reactivity to competitive stress. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 8, 91-102.

  • Uchino, B. N., Holt-Lunstad, J., Uno, D., & Flinders, J. B. (2001). Heterogeneity in the social networks of young and older adults: Prediction of mental health and cardiovascular reactivity during acute stress. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 24, 361-382.

  • Uchino, B. N., Berntson, G., Holt-Lunstad, J., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2001). Stress induced autonomic and immunologic reactivity. Eds R. Ader, D. L. Elton, and N. Cohen. Psychoneuroimmunology. New York Academic Press.

  • Uchino, B. N., Uno, D., & Holt-Lunstad, J. (1999). Social Support, Physiological Processes, and Health. Current Directions in Psychological Sciences, 8, 145-148.

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